The connection between yoga and spirituality

Yoga and spirituality Go Hand In Hand

Yoga has become a very popular pastime in the past decade and its popularity just keeps soaring. The practice of yoga has been in existence for over five thousand years and it is the product of generations of Indian Vedic wisdom. Yoga has been described in many ways, but the best description is that it is a skill for living a happier life and managing the mind. Yoga and spirituality are very alike. Spirituality involves being in tune with the rhythms of the cosmos that bring about peace and tranquility. This helps when dealing with emotions and difficult situations in life. Yoga and “non-attachment” is one of the seven principles that refers to a level where everything unfolds perfectly, without any struggle. You simply take action and positive opportunities flow your way. Yoga and spirituality bring with them positive improvements to the mind, body and spirit. Some of these advantages are loving relationships, a healthy body and mind and a higher state of consciousness.


The Connection Between Spirituality and Relationships

Spirituality and relationships

Have you ever wondered what spirituality and relationships might entail? Spirituality has been defined based on different perspectives since human civilization. However, one thing is common. Spirituality is involved,concerned and connected to that feeling of serving a higher purpose than ourselves.The belief in existence of souls, spirits and reincarnation are just integral parts of spirituality but do not fully describe spirituality. That feeling of connection to an abstract power or supreme setting that is beyond our grasp is the core foundation of spirituality and is what makes the definition whole whenever defining spirituality. It is that immaterial reality common to all of humanity mostly in religious sects thus making it the centre of the deepest values and meaning upon which people live in. As such, spirituality therefore forms a key and deep understanding of relationships between an individual and another or a group of people with a common interest with another. We can therefore confidently define a relationship in simple terms as the way people talk, behave towards each other and deal with each other in respect to their cultural and religious beliefs. That is now the vital connection between spirituality and relationships. One is a founder of morality, and the other depends on morality for survival. Can a relationship survive if one partner is spiritually evolved? Yes. However,it might also depend on their mutual understanding, shared interests and synchronization of their spiritual beliefs.

Self-improvement strategies that will help you become an expert in life

Self-improvement strategies will help to achieve your goals

How to become an expert? Am I capable of achieving my goals? We all ask these questions to ourselves sometimes. There is no doubt that you can achieve your aim, no matter how far away it may seem to be now. The most important thing is your motivation, but you might also want to use some self-improvement strategies. They will help you to manage your time better and to achieve your aims much faster. So here are self-improvement strategies that worked for me. First of all, try to focus only on the present. We all like daydreaming, thinking about our past or our future. But only the present is real, and every present moment defines who we will be in the future. So pay attention to the people that you are with right now, to work that you have to do today, etc. Get rid of your fears too. They hold you back and waste your time. Rejection and failure are inevitable, but they mean that you will discover new things, that you grow as a person. Besides, failures sometimes bring the most valuable experience in out lives and help us to get stronger. Look for inspiration in movies, books or people. Be kind to others – then you will inspire those around you as well.

Self-Improvement Hypnosis and How it Can Help You

Self-improvement hypnosis

Would you like to overcome the factors that are impeding you from achieving success in your life? Hypnosis is the answer. Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that has been used by performers, athletes and others to overcome physical, emotional and psychological limitations leading to improved skills. Hypnosis is not about brainwashing, mind control or taking over someone’s thinking; during the process, you are fully aware, in control and can come out of the process whenever you feel like. Self-improvement hypnosis can help you remove limitations and obstacles in your core belief system, helping you become stronger while achieving positive behaviour. Through hypnosis, you can discover hidden fears and emotional barriers that hinder you from achieving success in your family or career life. Self-hypnosis can program your mind for success by improving your confidence levels and transforming how you think. Dali Lama felt that meditating monks actually changed their brains in astounding ways. Neuroscience researchers studying the monks agree with Dali Lama’s sentiments. When you focus your intentions, beliefs and what you want to achieve in a trance or meditative state during self-improvement hypnosis sessions, your brain actually goes through change. This change is what helps you achieve the success you wish for your life; transforming you into a better version of yourself.

Spirituality during pregnancy

Spirituality during pregnancy

The transition from being a maiden to a mother is a massive obligation and a rite of passage. This is one of the greatest stages of life. Incorporating spirituality during pregnancy is as critical as the physical planning that comes with childbirth. It is as important as taking care of your body and preparing your body for the changes that the baby brings. Pregnancy is a true gift to cherish. As a maiden, your focus was inward, on your inner desires, thoughts and intuition. As you become a mother, the focus shifts to your baby. This is what marks the transition to motherhood, and that reinvents your being. Being spiritual during pregnancy could influence your well being in a positive way. All the qualities of nurturing a child are within you. Becoming spiritual helps you tap into these resource inside you. Spirituality during pregnancy allows you to tap into that power, your inner wisdom and strength. Spirituality brings you to a level where you balance yourself to be the best mother you are meant to be.

Self improvement activities that will make you more productive in life


We all know people who have done 45 minutes of exercise, cooked a healthy breakfast, taken the kids to school, cleaned their house and are pretty much looking immaculate while running the world by 9 am. Most of us are not naturally that kind of person. For a while now, I have looked into self improvement activities that could help me become more efficient. There are several Productive habits you can practise that are easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Small things that won’t take much time or effort, but when repeated daily have a huge impact in your life. The following three are my favourites. Try all, or some of them immediately, and change your life.

  1. Limit distractions and take control. Does your phone beep every time you get a message? Mute the alarms! With smartphones, we are constantly bombarded by email, messenger, newsfeeds and social media. Instead of reacting to every message as they arrive, take control and choose a time in the day for checking messages and deal with them all in one go.
  2. Make lists. At the end of the day, write down everything that must get done the next day. You’ll sleep better as you don’t have to worry about forgetting something important, and it is easier to prioritise tasks when you see them all written down.
  3. Try completing boring or daunting tasks in intervals. Set an egg timer for 15 minutes, focus fully on the task at hand and then take a five-minute break. Repeat as many time as needed to complete the task. It’s amazing what you can achieve this way. Try these self improvement activities and see for yourself how effective they can be.

Spirituality medicine: Why we need to listen to our metaphysical self

Humans do not just have bodies and minds; there is much more to us. We are multi-dimensional beings; we have a spirit and we make so many different choices that determine the way our lives turn out. Spirituality medicine has become relevant today as it is about compassionate care – looking out for the whole person, the physical, social, emotional and spiritual. Our emotions play a huge role in our physical health, and chronic pain can be caused by stress and emotional issues. This is why doctors are now balancing their care by looking at the role of spirituality medicine in health care and making every effort to incorporate spirituality into healing. There can be Spiritual reasons behind ourphysical pain, and compassionate care facilitates doctors into becoming intimate listeners to a person’s problems instead of just dictating in an off-hand manner what is wrong with them and providing them with a medicine. Real healing comes from doctors, families and friends who are supportive of all aspects of a person and their needs.